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Off the Cuff – Johnny G’s

Off the Cuff – Johnny G’s

Last week Allen and I make an unexpected detour to Johnny G’s on Brownsville Road in Trevose-Feasterville. We’ve wanted to visit for some time, but just never made it. After this visit, you can be sure we’ll be back!!

Johnny G’s is a neighborhood restaurant at its best. Not a lot of tables, but just enough seating to enjoy the kitchen aromas. You also get to watch the busy front as people come in and out picking up their orders. Each table offers the perfect vantage point for people-watching. We were lucky this night. Tables were open and we could pick just where we wanted to sit.

I had been helping Mandi, the hardworking owner of Johnny G’s, with his ads that he runs in the Carrier Pigeon. We had never met… handled business on the phone. But the moment we walked in the restaurant and introduced ourselves he said, “I recognized your voice.” Yikes! Is it that Philadelphia accent?!

It was a busy night for Mandi. Delivery people were shuffling about, coming and going. We checked out the menu and started to figure out our selections. We came for pizza but ended up with so much more than “just” pizza. Mandi reviewed his specialties, most of which I was familiar because I work on his ads…. But talking about his specialties does not compare to tasting his specialties!!

We ordered one of his signature pizzas: White Fresh Garlic loaded with fresh spinach, tomatoes and fresh basil. The crust was thin and crispy, no flopping over for this pizza crust. We also ordered his famous Thanksgiving Specialty Sandwich: fresh roasted turkey (REAL turkey), stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey gravy. This is a to-die-for sandwich. Served on a warmed roll, hot stuffing and turkey off-the-bone, this is a sandwich served year-round. If you’re hankering the comfort food of Thanksgiving, a bite of this sandwich will provide all the comfort you need!

Finally, as we were leaving Mandi sent us home with one of his special tomato pies. He reminded us that this is another one of his trademark dishes. Rightly so! We brought it into the office the next day and shared it with our head graphics “guy,” Giuseppe. “Terrific, marvelous, really delicious.” It passed the test. The crust was thin, the sauce really good, we could agree with Giuseppe’s taste buds. Mandi instructed us that his tomato pies are a favorite at party tables because they’re served room temperature, can be cut into small pieces, and just grabbed up while passing the buffet table. He got me when he said, “just grabbed up while passing the buffet table.” I can believe that’s what happens!

One of his loyal customers came over and raved about his slow-roasted pork. Apparently, she said they’ve been enjoying it for years….

Johnny G’s has a complete lunch and dinner menu. They make their own fresh dough daily and their sauce is proprietary. That means they make it from scratch every day!!! They’ve got lunch specials Tuesday through Friday, and dinner specials throughout the week.

Call in your order, pick it up or have it delivered. Or if you’re looking for some unfussy neighborhood ambience, take a seat by the window. The hospitality is welcoming, the view is entertaining, but best of all the food is really good. It gets our approval. Check out Johnny G’s and remember to tell them you heard about them here, in The Uptight Suburbanite and Carrier Pigeon.

Johnny G’s
4023 Brownsville Road
Trevose-Feasterville, PA 19053

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