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I love the morning papers, but reading them has become more and more upsetting. Same for listening to cable news. No longer can I sit down with juice,

We have many doctors in our family. My son, Linda’s brother, several nephews and one niece are all involved in the medical profession. When “ObamaCare” was first discussed

Many years ago, Linda and I took a midnight flight from Philadelphia to Seattle. Somewhere over Indiana we were advised by the pilot that a passenger had taken

Flashback. The year is long gone but I was not a happy camper. We were in the midst of the Christmas Season and Linda and I were not

Several weeks ago, I spotted an ad in the Wall Street Journal that offered eighteen bottles of wine from around the world for less than seventy bucks in

My Dad often warned me not to get between a fire plug and a dog. In fact, he cautioned me frequently. I guess I either didn’t listen or

My wife's sister-in-law, Eileen Bluestone Sherman, is a playwright. She has had several books published as well as having two or three shows featured Off-Broadway. Among her many

We love the theater. When I was younger Linda and I visited theaters in New York and Philadelphia frequently Sad to say, we rarely do that anymore. I am

Last week, the day after we released the Uptight Suburbanite, Linda left our home very early in the morning to babysit for our son and daughter-in-law. When I


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