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Linda and I recently took a short road trip. (As I get older they have become shorter and less frequent.) We made it south of the Mason Dixon

Several years ago, thirty years before Columbus discovered the New World, when I graduated from college, I applied for a teaching position in the Philadelphia school system. I

I have a confession. While growing up I never saw eye to eye with my father. If I wanted to go South to Baltimore he wanted to go

My mother died when she was eighty-eight years old. She was quite a woman. She was very bright and way ahead of her times. She embraced "feminism and liberated

For the past two plus years there have been some six thousand investigations into whether or not President Trump colluded with “Vladimir Baby” vis à vis the 2016

I love the morning papers, but reading them has become more and more upsetting. Same for listening to cable news. No longer can I sit down with juice,

We have many doctors in our family. My son, Linda’s brother, several nephews and one niece are all involved in the medical profession. When “ObamaCare” was first discussed

Many years ago, Linda and I took a midnight flight from Philadelphia to Seattle. Somewhere over Indiana we were advised by the pilot that a passenger had taken

Flashback. The year is long gone but I was not a happy camper. We were in the midst of the Christmas Season and Linda and I were not


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