Linda Speaks

Linda Speaks

Things sure are CRAAAZZY here in our office. Fortunately, it’s a good kind of crazy. Our pages are bursting with advertisers, old’ish and new’ish… all eager to provide services and product to make things easier for you in and out of the home. And boy, can we use “easier” in today’s world!

Check out the Index below and let your fingers do the walking. Dining in or out, new shoes or clothing, repairs on your home, updating your flooring, tweaking a patio, plumbing and air conditioning tune-up… we’ve got you covered with local experts at the phone call. Just remember, if you will, to tell them you saw them in this little baby of ours, the Uptight Suburbanite. They’ll appreciate knowing their ad dollars are working!!
We hit the mailboxes just when we’re wishing all those special ladies in our lives a Happy Mother’s Day. Check out page 6 as I say “Happy Mother’s Day to Aunt Millie.” A very special lady in my life, in my family’s life, she was everything an Aunt could be. What made her even more special was how she came to be our Aunt Millie. Read more and you might find you have an Aunt Millie in your life.

Jerry Gervase did it again. Be prepared to laugh, REALLY laugh as he shares his tale of the “Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants,”. Maybe I’m biased. I admit I am. But I’m thinking we’ve all encountered a similar situation and just walked away shaking our head. Turn to page 26 and you’ll see what I mean. It’s just too funny and too real to have really happened. But it did!!!

We opened up our pages this month to include a little more “entertainment,”. Trivia, mind testing puzzles, word search and more, you’ll need some good “sit down” time to enjoy the fun AND check out the ads. There’s a lot of both in this May issue. It’s all part of our mission to provide a good “read” as you meet area resources who can make your life easier…. affordably and successfully.

That’s it for now. We’re already busy working on our June issue. Hard to believe…. but yes, bathing suit weather is almost here. Yuck! Can you say Yuck! With me?!!! See you then, around June 4.

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