Health InsuranceNew Special Enrollment Period can get you health insurance all year long in PA and qualify for large subsidies to help pay for it.

Medicare – 8 new 5 Star Medicare plans are available in this area. You can enroll NOW!!! If you are unhappy with your current plan, or want to simply not pay a premium anymore, we can enroll you all year long onto these amazing zero premium plans. They may include no referral medical, dental, vision, hearing aids, drugs, over the counter benefits, silver sneakers, free tele-med, and more.

Auto and Home insurance – We have access to 20 different insurance companies and make sure have the lowest price policy for the right coverage for you. We explain coverage until you understand it. Does your 800# agent do that? The most expensive thing you can ever do is be uninsured or underinsured when an unexpected loss suddenly happens. Get your FREE Insurance review NOW!

Life insurance – Go-Fund-Me is not Life insurance. A client that is a priest, told us that the most raised by Go-Fund-Me for families in his parish was $500. Make sure your family is taken care of and let us review your policy today. Get a $1M policy for as little as $23.47/mo. in our new Life Insurance settlement program. We are seeing many people contact us for help because their old life insurance policies are no longer affordable. You can now turn them into cash.

If you can have a machine print out $5000/mo. for 30 years but you had to spend $100 a month to maintain it, would you? You are the money machine, and a Disability policy (the maintenance) costs $100/mo. that can pay you $5000/mo. for 30 years. Why don’t you have a policy in place?
Too good to be true! We offer Tax Deferred investment that earns a Guaranteed min 3.5% and a max of 8% with a Bonus for signing up while offering Flexibility, a Guaranteed Stream of Income for the Rest of Your Life, and Passes to your beneficiary Tax Free and Probate free so you can leave a legacy? Take some of your retirement out of risky stocks and put it somewhere with No Risk of Loss. Let us help make your retirement income last the rest of your life!

Business owners – Get fast easy quotes from multiple companies for General Liability, Workers Comp, Businessowners Policies, Umbrella, Flood, and Cyber coverage! NEW group ACA plans that can save employers thousands while offering more coverage to the employees. These plans help you recruit and retain better employees.

Our Motto: We will do the right thing for you to protect you. If you can crash it, burn it, break it, earn it we can insure it! We don’t rush a sale and make sure you understand what you are getting. Let us Shop it, You Save! Get it done right the first time with an expert and save.

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