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In the Spring and Summer we have nice weather, lots of daylight, and vivid colors everywhere. However, just because we have the conditions for photography doesn’t mean we’re

by Jerry Gervase It was a peaceful Sunday morning that began in church. I arrived early since my job was to deliver the guest soloist to the choir loft

Warminster Memorial Day • 30 May 2022 I am honored and humbled to be with you Today as we remember the Sacrifices of our Esteemed Veterans so many years

Health Insurance - New Special Enrollment Period can get you health insurance all year long in PA and qualify for large subsidies to help pay for it. Medicare –

Adopted relatives. We all have them. Allen, my late husband, had his Aunt Rose. She lived across the street in Feltonville and came to Allen’s rescue the many

FREE NEIGHBORHOOD INSURANCE RESOURCE Folks, you have a great FREE resource right in your back yard at the Insurance Shops. Support your neighbors and see how much you can

Advertisements keep popping into my email from people who want to teach me how to write. They are usually from famous authors I’ve never heard of. They promise

Why NO to Injectables? Dear Dr Q, I’m a woman of a certain age and was noticing my skin is beginning to sag and has sun spots and lines. In

By Mark Shapiro Hello everyone and welcome to what I hope is a long-standing monthly column/article/dose of sports (mostly local) that I hope you will find interesting. I grew up


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