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By Kim Lang I’m no genius, but I’m thinking that everyone looks forward to their vacations. Me? I have a countdown that boosts my happiness level as

Writing is a risky business. You have to take chances and there are no guarantees that the chances you take will have a good result. There is an old

As an entrenched (in the bleachers) baseball fan I have little regard for the New York Yankees. Actually, I don’t dislike the team as much as I have

Written By: Suzanne Gwilliam, Realtor And here we are, wrapping up another Spring Market. It’s been a wild ride, for sure!! Bidding wars & cash buyers have definitely taken over

Not all of my columns make it into print. I have ideas that are like the little engine that could, huffing and puffing at the station raring to

All the contentious political talk, all the surplus of disturbing news that fills the airways was swept away at the end of March when umpires in fifteen cities

Here we are again, the start of another Spring Market. I’m happy to report that it is going much better than last year! Thank God for that!! More houses

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep By Rick Kiernan Tattoos are not what they used to be. So commonplace now, both young and old are sporting this artistic jewelry. Coming soon to

This is the fourth time I’ve ended the year with a column about people who left us during the year. Ironically, it is more significant than past efforts,


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