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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep By Rick Kiernan Tattoos are not what they used to be. So commonplace now, both young and old are sporting this artistic jewelry. Coming soon to

The wishbone from the turkey isn’t dry and Christmas tree lots are sprouting up like … well, like Christmas trees. When we were kids we didn’t buy a tree

Home Inspections are a HUGE part of the Selling Process. The more a Seller can do to get ahead of the issues that may come up in the

The beauty of being a commission salesman is no one tells you how or when to do your job as long as you’re hitting your numbers. It also means

According to Brad Steiger, a well-known American researcher of paranormal phenomena, I might be a visitor to this planet. Not only me, but also others with an Rh-negative

By Suzanne Gwilliam, Realtor This market is on fire!! Although there is much more inventory than a month ago, instead of the market being flooded with new listings, we

By Tony, Warminster Have you ever been driving behind someone moving slower than you would like. You think if you get up close behind them maybe they will get

All the contentious political talk, all the surplus of disturbing news that fills the airways was swept away at the end of March when umpires in fifteen cities

Thankfully it was a dream. I was sitting in the witness chair in a courtroom facing my three children who were questioning my parenting skills. I was the


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