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April, 2020
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May, 2020
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June, 2020

The Uptight Suburbanite
April, 2020

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May, 2019

The Uptight Suburbanite
June, 2020
Publisher Speaks

Twenty five years ago my oldest son received a scholarship to the University of Washington Medical School. He never came home. My daughter went to visit him. She never came home. She now is a Seattle resident. Their four children

We live in a rapidly changing world. Technology is turning things upside down. Social media certainly has contributed its share of “shake up.” Newspapers and magazines are no longer “top dog.” Many have either gone out of business, reduced their

Linda and I recently took a short road trip. (As I get older they have become shorter and less frequent.) We made it south of the Mason Dixon Line where we had great weather and explored some marvelous little towns.

Several years ago, thirty years before Columbus discovered the New World, when I graduated from college, I applied for a teaching position in the Philadelphia school system. I was thrilled when I was offered a position at Girls High. And

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Featured Writers

By Jerry Gervase I begin my day with a cup of black coffee. It is a morning ritual that hasn’t changed

This column was supposed to be about the opening of the 2020 baseball season but the Coronavirus has brought about

What would my life be today if my father made a different decision in 1938? That crazy thought popped into my

Travels With Allen

By Allen Herman I have a confession. While growing up I never saw eye to eye with my father. If I

State Health Inspectors have been very busy the past few weeks checking on a large number of restaurants in the

There is a great furniture store in Southampton that has a fantastic selection of magnificent, quality furniture and accessories. I

Restaurant Reviews

Last week Allen and I make an unexpected detour to Johnny G’s on Brownsville Road in Trevose-Feasterville. We’ve wanted to visit for some time, but

By Adam Berkowitz Bowman’s A Tavern - Casual Dining & Entertainment A Dinner & Show Several months ago on a her monthly “Girls Night Out,” my wife and friends

I enjoy going out for breakfast and have frequented many of the places in lower Bucks County. This place has been one of my favorite.

In The Kitchen

You can tell by our selection this month that we’re thinking summer is here. Veggies and fruit, easy to do and delicious to enjoy, you can whip these dishes up in minutes… and if you’re finding your way out of

Just because we're all stuck in the house, at home, doesn't mean we can't find some satisfaction in the kitchen

This month highlights my current “predisposition” for cake, cookies and pasta. So, what’s new? NOTHING!!! The No-Boil Mac & Cheese is so easy to make last minute. And the chicken dish tastes just like the famous caper dish our publisher loves

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