Dining Out

Dining Out

What a fun time! Once again, I joined my friends Diane and Roland, and visited Chambers 19 in Doylestown.
I had been there years ago with Allen, so when they suggested a re-visit, I jumped at the opportunity.

Our evening started with drinks at the bar. I wasn’t driving so I could enjoy, and enjoy I did! I loved my apple martini. It made my cheeks tingle and turned them just the right color of pink!!! Diane was her own mixocologist with her dirty martini. And Roland was drinking something that I can’t describe… We toasted to our evening and were escorted to our table.
Chambers 19 is a Doylestown mainstay. On the main drag, it feels like it’s been there forever serving the community good food, good drinks and good entertainment. By the night’s end there was live music and a room full of people enjoying. How wonderful is that after our long Covid lockdown?!!

Back at our table we checked out the menu, reviewed the specials and kept toasting with our very tasty drinks. (Not being a designated driver definitely has its advantages!!)

Chambers 19 has a full menu including burgers, entrees, appetizers, etc. It was hard to focus in on a specific plate. Everything sounded so appealing. In the end we went the Full Monty starting with appetizers. Our waitress was charming and answered all our questions honestly. How good is that?! We ordered the Mozzarella Sticks, Tuna Tataki and The Angry Goat which was goat cheese and peach chutney on toasted bruschetta. Delish! And while the mozzarella sticks were not homemade, they were double baked and very yummy. The tuna was perfect. We can recommend all three…

I was hankering for a burger, but Roland encouraged me to try an entrée… I guess because his memories of their entrees was so special. The hamburgers are good he said, but try something different. Ok, I relented and ordered the Seafood Pasta. Filled with all kinds of seafood in a parmesan fumet broth… that’s another word for a very light sauce! Not too heavy, not too filling… I was feeling kinda’ satisfied after my drink and appetizer, so it was really perfect. A hamburger actually would have been too heavy. (Thank you, Roland!)

Roland enjoyed the Shephard’s Pie. Accompanied with a salad and served in a crock, it was handsomely presented and yummy to the taste. (Yes! I tasted it.) Diane ordered one of the evening specials; filet with onions and baby potatoes. A nice size, sitting in its own juices, the filet was delivered a little less red than she had requested. When she gently mentioned it to our server, she quickly apologized. Not an awkward moment, I can say the whole exchange was very pleasant.

So, it was time for dessert… Who could think about dessert? All right, it doesn’t hurt to look, right? When our server returned with the dessert menu, she generously offered that the desserts would be on the house in consideration for Diane’s meal… which, by the way, was delicious!!! Truth is, Diane was not asking for such an accommodation, nor did we expect it. But we were certainly impressed with the management’s offer to treat us with desserts. And it was a treat! The Crème Brulee had a thin crisp seal on top. The Cheesecake was light and creamy with luscious strawberries. And the Chocolate Whatever, was REALLY chocolatey. All three made a great combination. It was fun…and appreciated.

We had a wonderful time. A Friday evening visit, we were able to dine leisurely without feeling the press of time. Very nice.

Chambers 19 might be one of those very established restaurants in Doylestown, but they definitely know how to make a diner feel welcomed and appreciated. They still know that customer service is the key to doing and staying in business.

I, we, would recommend Chambers 19. It could make your visit to downtown Doylestown all the worthwhile! And remember, when you do check them out, lunch or dinner, tell them we reminded you to do so in the Uptight Suburbanite!
19 North Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901 215-348-1940

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