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It’s pool time and if you have a pool to be serviced, or are thinking of installing one, let me recommend Anton & Sons Pools. They have been

By Allen Herman I’m exhausted. Linda is exhausted. We are getting ready to launch a new product called Food Ponz and the work load is far greater than anticipated. Simply

More Travels with Allen By Allen Herman Last month the Carrier Pigeon did a special section on Bristol Borough.   Linda and I headed up to celebrate their huge victory after winning

By Allen Herman There is a little restaurant called Kleo's Baklava Cafe that opened two months ago in Hatboro. Located at 2 South York Road, we checked out their

By Allen Herman I feel compelled to start my little "drive" by mentioning a new Persian restaurant that recently opened on York Road where Hatboro and Willow Grove meet.

By Allen Herman Linda and I lived in Lower Moreland many years before Columbus discovered the New World. During that time, before we finally moved to Hatboro, we traveled


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