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Taormina’s Pizza & Pasta of Ivyland

Taormina’s Pizza & Pasta of Ivyland

By Linda Herman

There’s a new Taormina’s in town…. it’s Taormina’s Pizza & Pasta of Ivyland. Very much a family operation, just like its sister restaurant by the same name in Newtown, Taormina’s is the ultimate family restaurant with a full menu for young and old.

One of the anchor establishments in the beautiful new Courtyard of Ivyland, just pulling into the parking lot suggests a brief respite from Warminster’s busy traffic patterns. I really like the simple brick construction of the Courtyard and its open space. And when you enter Taormina’s its space builds upon that exterior calm.

Lots of windows with beautifully embossed tin ceilings, it reminds me of some of my Manhattan haunts where everything is big, as in tall, and grand, as in handsome Italian ceramics and rich deep colors. It’s the just right spot for an easy dinner or a special lunch.

The first time Allen and I visited Taormina’s it was after Allen had returned home and raved about how pretty it was. “They really did a good job. It’s something special.” He was right. It does feel good just to sit between its warming walls.

On this first visit we were both pretty tired, not looking for anything too “involved.” And with one look at their menu and we knew that we need not worry, there was plenty from which to choose, regardless our mood or mindset. I chose the Frittelle Di Granchio, a gourmet crabcake panini served with arugula and a ginger citronette dressing. I asked our server to hold the “panini” and was served an attractive platter with two sizeable, no-filler-included, crabcakes. They were really yummy. The citronelle sauce was tasty. All gourmet panini’s are served with a choice of side salad or friench fries. Give me a choice, and I’ll go with the fries! And at Taormina’s it was worth it!!!

As he was perusing the menu, Allen got a bit hungrier and decided to order the Veal Piccata. Served with capers in a white wine lemon sauce, it satisfied this lemon lover. Hot rolls were served aplenty and helped him enjoy the sauce even more.

Our second visit was a bit more special. I finally got to meet the dynamo behind the restaurant, Josephine Taormina. A busy mother, and astute businesswoman, she manages Taormina’s as only a concerned owner could. But our real treat was the server who provided an energetic explanation for everything we asked.

Graceann Taormina, destined to be the next Taormina on the restaurant roster, served our dinner with panache and attentiveness. And her helpful assistant was almost, even better. Christian Taormina, Graceann’s much younger, three year old brother, was standing by the side observing. If you check out Taormina’s extensive menu, you’ll see that Christian’s Menu (Yes! He has his own menu!) offers all the favorites any kid might relish including pastas, meatballs, burgers and chicken tenders.

On this visit I enjoyed one of my favorite things, Chicken Parmigiana. The tomato sauce was light and delicious and the portion, well, let’s just say, a doggy bag was required. Allen went the sandwich route this time and ordered a Filet Mignon Panini……… WITH the panini! He also ordered pizza fries that were delish, again with a sauce that was not too strong. He thoroughly enjoyed his Panini. It came with a side salad that I enjoyed! We were both happy.

Next time out I’d like to sample their salads and/or pizza. Their Specialty Pizzas include Joey’s Favorite Philly Steak, Graceann’s Favorite BBQ Chicken, Jessica’s Favorite Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Pesto, Chicken Florentine, etc. I think they have a pizza of every possible combination. We saw quite a few being delivered to surrounding tables and each one looked more delicious than the other!

Taormina’s offers Pizza Wraps, Calzones, Burgers and Hot Sandwiches. Pasta Specialties include Gnocchi, Lobster Ravioli, Fettucine al’Buon Gustaio in a vodka sauce, Homemade Lasagna, Cavatelli Shrimp and Broccoli and more. And of course, they have a full array of appetizers, soups and entrees. You can pick your chicken or veal dish and have it Francaise, Marsala, Piccata or Parmigiana. Everything is made-to-order, to the diner’s request.

If you’re looking for an easy night out, where you’ll feel that it’s a special night out, check out Taormina’s. It really is a restaurant for all occasions and all ages. A BYOB, you can enjoy a class of wine while your children gobble up the Chicken Tenders. And don’t forget dessert!

Graceann reminded us about dessert, naturally we had to hear what was being served. Spumoni was a new addition. How could I resist?! And I’m so glad I didn’t. Filled with candied fruit and chocolate bits, one taste of the Spumoni took me back to my days in D.C. as a college student at my favorite Italian restaurant. Their Spumoni was “to die for”….. have yet to find it anywhere else. Guess it landed at Taormina’s of Ivyland.

Open seven days a week, Taormina’s is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene in the area. Check it out…. and tell Josephine, you heard about it in The Uptight Suburbanite.

Taormina’s Pizza & Pasta of Ivyland
880 Jacksonville Rd.
Ivyland, PA 18974

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