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I usually write about the different places Linda and I visit during the month. This article is somewhat different. Before writing about the spots we have noticed, tested or tried, I am going to make note of many enterprises in our community that have recently closed their doors. Sad to say, the list is extensive. However, the list of places that recently opened is equally extensive.

We received mail at home that Mealey’s Furniture, after fifty years, was going out of business. They are liquidating all seven locations. We are told there are some real bargains for those who get there quickly. We have purchased many items from this chain for our home, summer home and various offices. Linda and I are sorry to see them leave. Fortunately, Raymour and Flanigan, Bob’s and Ashley’s have many stores in the area that carry the same type of products. If you’re looking for something more upscale head on over to Oskar Huber on Second Street Pike in Southampton. As the ad says, “They got the meat.”

The Metro Diner on Street Road in Warminster closed very suddenly. This chain has many locations throughout the country. Management claims it was a “business decision.” Truth be known, there are four other restaurants on the very same corner. That’s a lot of competition. Sorry to see them close after such a short stay. Linda and I enjoy their somewhat Southern menu. They were just a short walk from our office and we ate there often. They have another location in the area on Street Road in Bensalem that will remain open.

Still another favorite area eatery in Hatboro just closed. The York Diner is gone. Quite frankly this one has me stumped. They had a great menu, excellent service and their prices were very fair. Service was always top notch and their portions were always large. They always had a significant number of patrons, many of whom were repeaters. If anybody knows why they closed give us a shout. Our salesman Bruce has informed us that new people will reopen the location in the very near future. Stay tuned.

The Trolley Car on Germantown Avenue closed after thirty years in business. The owner is keeping his other location open, sans trolley. He claims that changing demographics and extensive competition forced him to finally close it. Shame, my kids and grandchildren loved to do breakfast there on Sunday mornings. I wish him luck. Over the years we frequented The Trolley I learned that he was a particularly nice guy.

Bertucci’s has closed in Warrington but their Huntingdon Valley location remains open. The Easton Road location has re-opened as another restaurant. We pass it three times a week and they appear to be doing well. We often eat at one branch or another of Bertucci’s but have been going less frequently since I noticed they now charge almost four bucks for a coke. Come on guys, that’s outrageous!

Now, on to more pleasurable things.

In the past I often ate at the Red Lion Diner on Bustleton Avenue in Philadelphia. I moved to the suburbs just about when the owners relocated the restaurant to York Road and County Line. They retained their massive selection, large portions, excellent service and very competitive prices. When your stomach sent you messages, it remained an excellent destination.

About two years ago, I received a phone call from Gus, one of the brothers who owned the diner, informing me that they had sold the “bistro.” He arranged for me to meet the new owners. Let me be blunt, after a brief meeting and a meal, I decided that Linda and I had lots of other restaurants to frequent and that our publications could live with one less advertiser.

Guess what? Gus and his brother are back! I have never asked them what happened, rather I just welcomed their return. Once again, the menu is comprehensive, the portions large, the prices very competitive and the service is great. Oh, in case I forget, everything tastes great! Again, the place is packed with people welcoming the brothers’ return.

Across the street from the Red Lion Diner there is a somewhat nondescript complex which is anchored by Graeme Park Pizza at the County Line corner and “WE FIX PHONES N MORE” sales and repair shop facing York Road. To make a long story short, something I rarely do, my phone broke and required repair. Every place I went, including Verizon, made it appear that the “fix” would take days and days and cost a sum equivalent to the National Debt.

I decided to stop in this phone store and see if they could help me. What I wanted to know was “how much and how long.” Michael Weiss, the owner, took my little wounded product into the rear of the store and returned within three minutes. My “black beauty” was humming again. Mike wouldn’t take a penny.

During our conversation I asked very honestly how he was able to compete with the big boys from such a small “less-than-glamorous” location. Once again “old Al” got an education. Michael does more than repair screens and charging ports. He replaces batteries and repairs water damage. The store also sells used phones and accessories. Plus, and this is a “biggee,” the store sells and reconditions laptops and does data recovery. Did I mention malware?

Not everyone needs a phone with power steering, air conditioning and turn signals. Many people just need a simple device to satisfy basic needs. Many others arrive at his doors in need of specialty items that he carries. So, there you have it. He may be the little less-than-glamourous store for you if you need help.

There is a new restaurant that just opened in Valley Square in Warrington that you MUST try. It is called Burgerim and it’s fantastic. When we first entered this location, we felt that it would be a one time deal. It resembled every other hamburger spot … until we looked at the menu. Trust me, this is not your run-of-the-mill burger joint. They serve chicken burgers, salmon burgers, falafel burgers and each one is fantastic. Their fries and onion rings are nothing to sneeze at. The prices are just a tad higher than some, but well worth it. We have gone back three times this month,

Bruno’s Pizza has re-joined us after a brief hiatus. Trust me, this spot on Street Road in Feasterville has some of the best pizza going. If you are a crust freak like me, you will scream “Valhalla.” Their menu is far more extensive than I am describing, but when I think of Bruno’s, I think of pizza. Plus, and this is important to me, the owners are two nice brothers who are recent arrivals from Italy.

Another favorite is La Cena Ristorante. This gorgeous restaurant in Bensalem now is offering a fabulous Sunday brunch. And later in the early evening you can now come back for dinner! We will try it in a week or so. We eat at this great spot several times a year. It’s a class act and they never disappoint.
One last thing, I’m going to be killed by my little editor, there is a large new apartment complex opening on York Road in Willow Grove. The location is really great. The Station at Willow Grove, as it is called, is directly across the street from the train station and courthouse. It’s near the turnpike and four thousand different restaurants. Plus, they are located less than two blocks from the Willow Grove Mall.

I stopped in to make a sale and was really impressed. The apartments are beautiful. They are big and very well designed. Plus, the amenities they offer are spectacular. If you are thinking of moving or downsizing, I suggest you visit the complex. Tell them we said hello. This I can tell you from visiting several other spots they have constructed in the area, they are a class act.

That’s it for this month. I think I used up my gasoline allotment!!! See you next month, where and when to be decided!!! Have a great month!

Bruno’s Pizza
430 W. Street Road
Feasterville/Trevose, PA 19053

1501 North Main Street
Warrington, PA 18976

La Cena Ristorante
2233 Galloway Road
Bensalem, PA 19020

Red Lion Diner
1520 Easton Road
Horsham, PA 19044

The Station at Willow Grove
91 North York Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090

We Fix Phones N More
801 County Line Road
Horsham, PA 19044

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