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I should have titled the beginning paragraphs of my article, “The Honey Do List.” Had I met the man I am writing about years ago we would probably still be living in our single home on Philmont Avenue in Lower Moreland. The man who walked into our offices to start advertising, Joe Rozilio, owns GreenHome, a company that specializes in doing all of the things I never wanted to do.

Allow me to elaborate. His firm does air duct and vent cleaning, tile cleaning, gutters, grouts bathrooms, cleans and stretches carpet and steam cleans furniture and on and on. Like I said, Joe’s company does all the things Linda wanted done in our home that rarely got done.

His ad ran in last month’s Uptight Suburbanite and we already have received calls from two pleased former customers and a new response from his March ad. All seemed pleased with the work, the prices and the punctual timing. They all thought he was a particularly nice guy that they felt very comfortable dealing with. Sooooooo, if your “Honey Do List” keeps growing and your wife’s patience seems to be getting shorter (and the nagging more persistent) I urge you to call GreenHome. By the way, the firm only uses environmentally safe products.

I have written about Sam’s Pizza and Bistro in Hatboro’s Victorian Village complex on York Road.  Their menu is large, the portions are even larger and the prices are tiny.

The restaurant had a small fire with a great deal of water damage. It was closed for almost three weeks. They are open again and the place  looks great. But their pizza oven was water damaged and they are waiting for parts to get in so they can be up and running again. They’re serving great food but no pizza.

As a thank you to his current and future patrons for their “temporary non pizza support,” Sam is running a special. He has a twenty-item dinner special available (see his ad) that includes salad or soup and your choice of entrée, for one or two people. You can choose from shrimp, crab meat, fresh turkey, pasta, fish and more. It really is a great deal ($20.00 for two people). He can use the support during a very trying period. And he invites diners from all over. Go enjoy. You won’t be disappointed.

One of the less pleasant things about spring is we often discover that winter freezes and ice storms have done significant damage to our driveways and walkways. Freezing rain expands and when it gets into cracks and crevices it really can do damage. While driving I often marvel at the beautiful homes with fantastic shrubbery and impressive outdoor furniture I see. Yet many of these impressive properties have driveways that look like the air force has used them for target practice.

If you’re looking to correct driveway problems or prevent minor problems from becoming major problems, I suggest you contact J&L Paving. I will tell you they are honest, do good work and have competitive pricing. They have been advertising with us for quite awhile and we have never had anyone contact us with less than positive views of their work. That’s good enough for us. If you need work done, give them a call. Meet with them, get an estimate and then decide.

I went out for lunch yesterday at a new restaurant that recently opened near our office. Their name is Mission BBQ and I strongly suspect the chain was opened by former military people. They have a great deal of military memorabilia on all of the walls and a large former army truck sitting outside. The food, for this type of restaurant, is excellent. I am comfortable in recommending it.

But I’m mentioning Mission BBQ for another reason. What stunned me … and I confess pleased me greatly …  was that at exactly noon all of the televisions that line the restaurant went blank and suddenly came on again playing the National Anthem. The staff stopped working, turned to the TVs and all pledged their allegiance to the flag of the United States. I really was startled. What was even more stunning was the number of patrons of all races, sexes and ages who got up and joined in. Three guys actually took their hats off and covered their hearts.

Reaction? I loved it! It was one of those unexpected things that caused a large number of reactions from startled people. I couldn’t help but marvel at so many young kids making less than ten bucks an hour covering their hearts and saluting Old Glory. I then thought about the athletes making multi-millions and “taking a knee.”  You may respond by saying that Mission BBQ might not keep these kids if they refused. You could be right. Maybe professional team owners could learn something over an inexpensive lunch.

The Warminster Shopping Center, on York Road has a new restaurant, Emiliano’s. They’re located in what used to be Tony Luke’s. What I found very surprising was the number of people, owners and workers, of nearby stores in the complex who have eaten there and think so highly of their food. While “working the strip” I was startled by how crowded they were during an off hour. As I said last month, their food is surprisingly good and priced right.

Let me also mention Uncle Mike’s Ice Cream on York Road in Warminster just south of Street Road. They make their own ice cream on premises. It’s a family business that recently opened in the dead of winter and they have created a great name in a short while. Father, mother and son are all active in the business and take great pride in their unique selections and tastes.   Members of the family actually went to an ice cream college in Florida to learn the trade. Linda and I have visited their store several times and have never been disappointed.

Finally, I have a confession. We have a new advertiser who does drone photography. Steve and his partner at Influential Drones had me so excited when we began talking that I think I would have published their ads for free. They do all types of aerial photography. I had never really thought about it until we spoke. It’s great. They do, among many other things, outdoor weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, communions …even funerals. Oh, sure they do all kinds of commercial work, but these other ideas really excited me. Another idea they have is aerial photography of homes that are up for sale. Like I said, I loved these guys and had to have them in our publications. I wasn’t looking at the profit aspect, I just knew that they possibly could be of great benefit or bring joy to a large number of our readers.

I leave you with some great businesses to check out. We hope you do. I’m already busy compiling another group of interesting stops for May. Here’s hoping I won’t need a snow shovel in between! See you then!!

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