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Try FISH & GRILL…Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine

Try FISH & GRILL…Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine

By Linda Herman

Looking for a neighborhood restaurant that doesn’t feel too much like a “neighborhood restaurant” but feels like you’re going to some place special without the really “special” prices? Not looking for a pizza parlor or a hamburger joint? Let me recommend Fish & Grill, a fun BYOB specializing in Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine.
Right in the heart of Northeast Philadelphia on Bustleton Avenue, tucked away in a little strip center, you’ll find this friendly restaurant serving the deliciously healthy food enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean. We’ve visited Fish & Grill quite a few times and have never been disappointed. Family owned and operated by Riza Canca, offers assurances of a good meal from the beginning.
You can start your meal after selecting something from their soups, salad and appetizer pastries. Their hummous is homemade with just the right hint of lemon. Eggplant Salad, char-grilled and pureed, seasoned with garlic, lemon and oil is a perfect partner for the hot Cheese Pastries… pan-fried cigar shaped pastries stuffed with feta cheese, parsley and dill. We love their homemade yogurt and cucumber seasoned with garlic and dill. It’s perfect for dipping with warm pita bread. The lebni, thick yogurt with walnut, garlic, carrot, squash and dill, is great for scooping up with your bread or enjoy it with some baked spinach
pastries, filo dough filled with spinach and onion.
For dinner, I usually go straight for the Schnitzel, chicken breast marinated with bread crumbs and pan-grilled. It reminds me of my time in Israel. The Shish Kebab, marinated chunks of baby lamb and char-grilled is yummy. And the Kofte, char-grilled lamp patties, is spiced just right so you feel transported seaside along the Mediterranean. Whole fish, always served fresh daily, are exquisitely prepared and deliciously presented. Roasted vegetables and rice are tasty accompaniments to all entrees.
Diners are usually stuffed after finishing the entree, but don’t stop there until you taste the Fish & Grill Baklava. It’s homemade and it’s delicious. There are other desserts to choose from, but include at least one serving of the Baklava for you and your partner to share.
This is a great restaurant to check out. BYOB, white linen tablecloths, wonderful food and it’s local. The lovingly prepared food is delicious, tasty and fun to enjoy. And isn’t that what we look for in our dining-out experience? Enjoy!
Fish & Grill
Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine
9825 Bustleton Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19116
215. 677.4346

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