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QUESTION: I’ve been meditating daily for 4 months now and nothing seems to be happening. Am I doing something wrong or just expecting too much? Jane

ANSWER: If nothing is happening, you have been successful, but there is much more. This is my opinion on meditation, others may not agree. I liken the meditative state to a locked car. First, you need a key to unlock the car. That would be a proper breathing and meditation technique.

You, Jane, have unlocked the car and entered the meditative state. You’re right. Nothing is happening. Many will see this as the completion of the skill of meditation and never explore further. They are satisfied with disconnecting from the everyday chaos and mind-chatter. This is fine. To be able to visit peace and serenity through meditation, virtually anywhere at anytime,
is commendable.

Yet others search for more while in the meditative state. For example, meditation can lead us to a slightly altered state of consciousness. It is here we can visit our psychic receptivity state. This is where we can see, hear and feel the future of others when offering a psychic reading session. We can also see, hear and feel the accumulated history of objects in psychometry. We can put ourselves in a better place to see the auras of others. We can arrive at the bridge to the other side, the world of spirit. However, crossing the bridge and visiting with meaning takes a bit more than meditation alone. These are just a few objectives while in the meditative state. It takes training and practice. Happy travels.

QUESTION: I recently moved to a new apartment. My cat used to snap to attention for a short time most evenings while we watched TV in the former apartment. Then she would settle down and stare at another chair as if she were seeing a ghost on it, but not in this apartment. I kind of miss that. Is it me or what?

ANSWER: I believe the one in spirit who was keeping you company, was probably a former tenant of the apartment or structure. I don’t believe the person stayed there all the time, mind you, but enjoyed the companionship of you and your cat and visited an area he or she was familiar with when in the physical. Since it hasn’t happened in the new apartment, it probably wasn’t a relative of yours. While I believe we share our environs with discarnate beings, I don’t feel spirits are trapped in one specific physical location.

QUESTION: Do you believe in ghosts and hauntings? Barri

ANSWER: It depends on your definitions. If by ghost you simply mean an apparition of a dead person, then yes, I believe that is possible, but probably not so common. Frequently however, when a person thinks ghosts and hauntings, they conjure mental images of spirits either of a pesky nature or being forlorn for eternity. This may be thanks to Hollywood; it is where we get most of our beliefs on ghosts.

I’ve yet to be convinced that a discarnate spirit would spend decades repeating the same re-enactment of an event, traumatic or not. Having said that, I do believe it is possible for the actual physical location to record or imprint an event especially if there had been a spike in the energy level such as what may occur in a traumatic event. Then people who are sensitive (maybe not even aware they are sensitive) to such unseen vibrational recordings come along and experience a subtle repeat of the event. Also, since I believe we share this environment with the deceased, some in spirit may visit a storied haunt site with the mere intention of making contact with those in the physical. They know the physical people will be more attentive at that location. Of course, those in the physical have their intentions set on a spine-chilling, blood-curdling event. As a result, legends perpetuate

John Strouse is a practicing psychic medium living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. For over 25 years John has been reading for clients from around the world. He is available for private sessions, local house parties and video house parties anywhere. He is the author of A Breath Away. Find out more about John at www.PCpsychic.com. Phone him at
215-552-8520. Send questions to pcpsychic.com@gmail.com. The opinions expressed are his own.

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