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Insurance Shops – We Will Protect You!

Insurance Shops – We Will Protect You!

Only about a month left to claim your portion of the new increased health insurance subsidies. We have helped hundreds of families in May and June, and 1 out of 2 people are getting FREE coverage this year for amazing plans. If you have not called us yet, you are missing out on better coverage for a lot less.

Many people are taking our advice currently, and with the savings, they are learning how to finance their retirement years using life insurance products. We can teach you how to eliminate the risk of never losing your principal. Additionally you get higher returns than most other products, tax-deferred growth, tax free withdrawals, tax-free loans, long-term care and critical illness provisions, and tax-free death benefit for beneficiaries.

Do you have CD or investment coming due? We can offer a guaranteed 7% using Insurance products. Call for details!

With our new life insurance quote tool, you can get a quote, apply, and have the policy in hand from many carriers within minutes. Protect your loved ones now! Do not think using Go-Fund me as your plan will be the answer. IT IS NOT!

With the prices of building materials skyrocketing, have you considered what that means to your current homeowners’ coverage? If your cost to replace your home has now quadrupled, then your policy should reflect that, or you are grossly underinsured. There are many instances lately of people experiencing a big loss. They settle the claim for 20% leaving them unable to pay the debt or rebuild. They lose their homes when they thought they were covered. Call us today to review your policy today and we will make sure your coverage is right! You will probably save a lot of money at the same time by having us shop your policy with other carriers.

Business Owners: We help hundreds of businesses with their employee benefits. New plans available such as PEO’s with Blue Cross that can save 15% over current Blue Cross Group plans. Other options are our Union Plan, Self-Funding, and Voluntary Aux plans with Aflac, Colonial, or Blue Cross that will save the employer money by adding these benefits with new tax advantages.

Businessowners can get a quote from multiple companies for General Liability, BOP, Workers Comp, Cyber Liability, special Events Coverage and then have a policy in hand minutes later. Help us help you get the right coverage.

Medicare: Are you or do you know any seniors confused with Medicare? We make the Medicare maze easy! We help thousands of seniors’ transition into Medicare and our clients understand it. Our clients get the best plans and the lowest prices with ongoing service for years to come. We are a FREE Enrollment center and never charge a fee to the client. Yesterday, we had a call from a client who asked if we could help his parents with Medicare. They were paying $230 each and we suggested a zero cost plan that was almost identical, saving them $6000/per year in perpetuity. He was angry at himself for not calling us 2 years ago to do this as they really could have used the 12K these last 2 years. What are you waiting for?

Clients call all the time who tried to navigate the insurance maze themselves only to find they have a cheap policy but not the right coverage. They ask for our help after getting denied or not collecting enough on a claim because they saw an ad from a fly-by-night company or answered a cold call. Do not let this happen to you!

Call our experts today and experience a highly rated 5 star service agency and we will help you get the right coverage at the best price.

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