Why I Write

Why I Write

I grew up in a home where both of my parents were interested in, perhaps obsessed with politics and world affairs.

We watched the news at six and eleven every evening. The Evening Bulletin and Inquirer arrived seven days a week. Often copies of Time, Life and the New York Times ended up in our living room. We were obsessed with what was happening in the world. My parents’ friends were equally obsessed with what made the world go ’round. All of this made for some “interesting” discussions.

I followed the same path. In school I joined the debating team, spent hours in the world affairs club and was very active in every possible political activity I could find. In college I followed the same path. I read every pertinent piece of literature possible, participated in all types of clubs and groups, and switched from Young Democrats to Young Republicans depending on who was running. I attended rally after rally.

When I taught for ten years, I encouraged my students to view all sides of every issue. I worked with Donald Barnhouse on CBS on a Saturday morning TV Show called, “Decision, the World Game.” I formed debating clubs and after hours current events discussions for my students.

Things have changed dramatically. Freedom of speech in America is now history. Freedom of thought, unless silent, is also scheduled for burial. Sad to say, but in America today the issue is “whether you agree with me or not.” The only thoughts deemed acceptable are “group think.”

It is acceptable to criticize our former President from sun up to sun down, but, if like the owner of Goya Foods, you stated that you liked Trump, beware… the “Group Think” posse will come after you. Taking a knee is fine, but for a professional athlete to remain standing during the playing of the National Anthem is viewed by the “GT’s” as an unimaginable act of treason. Wearing a pro Hong Kong T-shirt to a Philadelphia Seventy Sixers game is now banned. To question why National Football teams play the Black National Anthem before some games is viewed as bigotry. Being upset that transgender men are allowed to participate in women’s sports is no longer a view point, but is now viewed as an act of treason.

I have no answers to the problem. My thoughts are really no more than observations. A fragmented nation such as we now have and the serious challenges to freedom of speech do not bode well for America. Hopefully some who are both smarter and braver will see and solve the problem.

Allen Herman
Your opinions are always welcomed.

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