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I’m Not a Happy Camper

I’m Not a Happy Camper

I am not a happy camper. Like everyone else, I’m bored out of my mind and deeply concerned about the health of my family, friends and the nation. I have no idea how much long term damage will be caused by this virus.

Linda and I haven’t seen friends or family in months. We have stopped going out for breakfast, rarely go out for an outside dinner and almost never go shopping. The last movie we attended was Al Jolson in the first ever “talkie.” The most exciting activity I have is going three times a week for dialysis. I may start wearing my tux!

Even watching television has become a problem. For years and years I enjoyed watching the news and staying current on world issues. Not anymore. This Presidential election, which started about three weeks before the Pilgrims stepped on Plymouth Rock, is driving me nuts. CNN is convincing its listeners that the Democrats have nominated Jesus and Betsy Ross. CNBC views Mr. Trump as the enemy. The people on Fox are convinced that the Democrats have nominated Satan and Mata Hari. On just about every issue, on every issue, the distortions are unbelievable. It isn’t “fake news,” it’s pure propaganda. And they are all causing hatred.

Watching factual news is even more upsetting. We are watching insanity on a daily basis. A very small number of “whoevers” dressed in black have decided they have a right to deface and tear down OUR statues, destroy OUR public libraries, OUR courts and OUR police stations. They have also established autonomous zones they consider no longer part of America. Crime/theft, murder and arson is skyrocketing in every major city and people of all ilk are escaping down south or moving out to the burbs, And in the midst of this madness, some are screaming we should either reduce or abolish our police departments.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the voters in California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan and Maine allow their governors to remain in office. Even more perplexing is why the Mayors of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Baltimore remain in office. Why the Mayor of New York hasn’t been recalled for helping to destroy a once great city is even more of a mystery.

Truth be told I can’t even turn to sports for relief. Watching baseball played in a totally empty stadium with some pretend dummy fans strikes out with me. Professional basketball is also on my list of theatrics to avoid. The League has silenced its fans who wore T-shirts in support of Hong Kong protesters and kisses the Chinese Government’s rear as often as Charles Barkley dunked a ball.

Worse than sad are the actions of the owners of the professional football teams. They may have stadiums and great players but, as a group, they have no balls. I have watched them not only surrender to some players who have chosen to “Take a Knee” but pressured others to go along with this ugly practice. And it gets worse as I write.

Let me be clear, I am thrilled to see any and all Americans get involved in politics and for all to express their views. But the work place is not the arena for these activities. This may sound terrible but I don’t care what my auto mechanic thinks of President Trump. Nor do I want to hear the political views of my waitress at McDonald’s or the fact that my turnpike toll taker hates Biden. If you excel in your job and gain a degree of recognition and want to get politically involved, wonderful … join groups, run for office … but keep your views out of the work place. Eisenhower, John Glenn, Ronald Reagan and others like them used their success in other arenas to get elected and influence how our nation is steered.

Allen Herman
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