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When It’s Time to Lease or Buy a New Car… Call Igor at World Wide Automobile

When It’s Time to Lease or Buy a New Car… Call Igor at World Wide Automobile

Linda’s auto lease is about to expire.

In the old days I always looked forward to “the hunt.” I looked forward to determining what car we were interested in, deciding on the number of doors, the options and color. Then we would visit a dealership or two before we made our decision. No more. I don’t know whether it’s age, health or the complexity of the vast array of offerings, but I am plain overwhelmed.

We now have more than the Big Three to select from. Now we have cars from China, Korea, Japan, England, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Mexico, as well as American brands and products to choose from. The number of models offered include vans, convertibles, two-seaters, SUVs in seven different seating arrangements and a variety of engine options … hello electric … and a gigantic selection of family-friendly trucks. WOW! Next will come vehicles from Mars and Alpha Sentura.

As I was sitting at my desk, I remembered that today’s four wheel chariots averaged over thirty five grand and more. I also remembered that maintenance and insurance have become prohibitive. Leasing or purchasing an auto in today’s world can really add up dramatically. What happened to my first car, a Rambler Classic with “three on the tree,” that cost me thirty one dollars and eleven cents a month?

Then I spotted our ad on the front cover of our Uptight Suburbanite April edition. Lo’ and behold, it was an auto leasing company, World Wide Automobile. I stared at the ad wondering why anyone would ever go to a leasing company instead of going to a factory-authorized dealership. I kept thinking about it. Finally, I decided to visit World Wide Automobile thinking I would make nice to an advertiser and find out “what gives.” There had to be a story there.

I was right. There is a story here. The office is a clean, bright, picture covered spot in the Hampton Square Shopping Center. Igor, the owner, explained things quickly and knowledgeably. He has been in the auto leasing business for fifteen years. Until he “experimented” with advertising with us, he has prospered by dealing with “be backs” and referrals. According to him, his knowledge and experience, plus relations he has built up over the years, has saved his customers a great deal of leg work and money.

So, old Al put him to the test. I asked him about three different cars we were interested in. Two days later he called me back with a tremendous amount of information on each car. He informed me of trim levels, engine options, seating arrangements, warranties and so much more. Quite honestly, I would have had to visit five different dealerships or spend hours on the internet to do the research he did for free.

Linda and I discussed the information and I called him back and made our decision known. After he gave us a monthly price and amount down, etc. I visited two dealerships. World Wide Automobile was at least twenty seven dollars cheaper than the quotes I received elsewhere. When you multiply that number by thirty six that adds up to lots of bucks.

Better yet, we were allowed to select the dealership that would service us, same as if we had purchased our vehicle there.

In closing let me just say that World Wide Automobile was able to do so much research and save us so much more at no additional cost. It was so simple. He was able to find secret and under the table deals, special incentives and eliminate commissions to sales reps. We saved money and he still earned his “keep.”

So, when it’s time for you to buy or lease a new car, call Igor at World Wide Automobile. It’s convenient, easy, so painless. He’ll do good by you! One last note, he can save you money on insurance and financing.

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