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More Travels with Allen

More Travels with Allen

By Allen Herman

Last month I wrote about the new Italian restaurant, U’Panzerott, that opened on Easton Road. After we went to print several people called to say they decided to try the new place and meet its owners.

When they arrived they discovered it was closed. Unfortunately, the owners had a family emergency and were forced to close for several days. If you didn’t walk up to the door you wouldn’t have seen the small sign explaining the closure. Well, their doors are once again open and the food is great! You’ll learn more about them in this issue. Just look for their ad! P.S. They really are a nice family!

If you are looking for a used bike, perhaps some Lionel trains or Hess trucks, head on over to Nickles on Street Road west of Bustleton Avenue. You will also find records, instruments, drills, stuff for the kitchen, speakers, a variety of power tools and a host of other assorted products. The store even has a rubber band-propelled Gatling gun for sale. There is little rhyme or reason for their crazy inventory, but the place is flat out fun! You can spend hours wandering through the hodge podge of products. Tell Chris we said hello. AND, if you’re hankering for a good hotdog, almost right next door to Nickles, Lenny’s Hotdogs will satisfy that craving pronto. His hotdogs are iconic Philly, alongside of Lee’s Hoagies!

Have a pool that requires maintenance or closing in a couple of weeks? Call Anton Pools. If you decide to install a new pool call the boys. I am familiar with both brothers and they are good, straight up guys who can be trusted to tend to all of your needs honestly, efficiently and affordably. I give them my personal “thumbs up.”

New Hope and Ivyland Railroad will be introducing its refurbished steam engine about the end of September. I always rave about this attraction, but when the steam engine, with its smoke and hissing, and loud bell returns to the line, it will just add more fun to an already fun adventure.
Harris and Sue, longtime friends, introduced us to Boccaccio, a new’ish Italian restaurant on South State Street in Newtown. Their menu is interesting and the meals were really good. They were a bit, in my estimation, expensive, but the meal was great and the setting was very nice. By the way, if you are bothered by loud rooms or wear hearing aids, ask to be seated in the nice quiet rear dining room. It’s definitely worth another visit or two.

More interesting, we met the owner. He is from Italy and runs the bistro with his wife. We learned that she is the real “runner” because he works during the week as an Italian diplomat. They are nice people and I wish them well. They care about their business and watch everything that goes on.

Down the block is The Zebra-Striped Whale. We were at a party several years ago where they had ordered a birthday cake from them and it was really good. Mind you I said really good. How often are we impressed with a birthday cake?

This stop, our first time into the store, didn’t disappoint. Their selection is both huge and unusual and their ice-cream is great. There were twenty-three people in line when we got there. I guess the word is out. We enjoyed our selections and sat there “people watching” for a good bit of time.

I don’t have to remind you about how much rain we have had this summer. It poured so often I was going to put a rubber ducky in my rear car window. If you discovered that you having a problem with your roof may I suggest you contact C & C Roofing. Gary and his gang gave my son a great bid, the lowest, did a fabulous job in a neat, timely and very professional way. I was impressed. I have heard many horror stories about roofers. When it comes to roofing, C & C has you covered.

Gus, the former owner of Red Lion Diner will be missed. Linda and I have eaten some one million times in the diner over the past century and it was great. After Gus’s brother, who worked with him for years, died, Gus decided he didn’t want to do it all by himself. So, he finally sold the restaurant to new people. Miss you Gus. Enjoy your retirement.

And the folks at Don Giovanni’s Bakery in Feasterville on Street Road are getting ready to open their new “Pick Up and Go” service. Adjacent to the bakery, you’ll be able to get your favorite coffee, cake, bagels and more from early in the morning. They’ve got a really neat set up and we can’t wait until it’s officially open. Stay tuned for details in upcoming issues.

That’s about it for now. I would like to say that Linda and I have been really enjoying the summer. Truth be known, we are very busy. Two magazines and a new product … Food Ponz … is more than we can handle. We still need an internet person and can use two more salespeople with food or advertising sales experience. Since we mentioned these needs in last month’s magazine we were able to fill three positions with talented people who hopefully will help us grow further. Thank you!

Be careful, enjoy the balance of the summer. Thank you for your continued support. In a world where print is supposedly dead, we continue to grow. Thank you. We really do appreciate all the support and good will our readers give us. I won’t deny that we work hard but this growth would never happen without you guys. Thanks again.

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