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Profile on Trends Hair Salon

Profile on Trends Hair Salon

When you walk into Trends Hair Salon on York Road in Warminster, you’re immediately caught by the warm and cozy nature of this very busy beauty spot. At first glance you see an inviting bucket of lollipops. Then you’re gently greeted by “Buster,” owner Christine Wallet’s long-hair chihuahua. More importantly you notice one of the salon assistants meeting, greeting and escorting an elderly client to her chair. All this set the stage for an interesting conversation with Trends’ commander-in-charge…

I arrived on a Tuesday morning to the hustle and bustle of operators working with clients. Cutting, trimming, coloring, polishing nails and more, the salon was busy at work in a background of happy chatter. I commented that I found the salon busy for a Tuesday morning and Christine responded saying she has eleven operators providing the most current of services available.

Trends is not new to the area beauty scene. It’s been in the same location for twenty-two years … and grown with the profession. I asked Christine if she was always interested in “hair.” A native of Jamison, she responded by saying, “As a sixteen-year old, I thought there was something glamorous about ‘hair.’ I wanted to pursue it and studied at an area beauty school, then in Levittown.” As we talked about her degree, I found out that as a licensed hairdresser, one is licensed by the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. The State Board of Cosmetology is one of the subsets in this office. Christine proceeded to share that “the Bureau is responsible to protect the health and welfare of the public. Its licensed professionals need to be experts in sanitizing, chemical applications and more.” Surprised, I never truly understood, that yes, when I sit down to get my hair cut or colored, the professional performing those services, does, yes, need to protect and ensure my health and welfare as they’re performing those services….

We talked about changes that have occurred over her 22-year tenure. And while there have been many in technique, product development, styling, etc., Christine commented the most important thing that hasn’t changed is the commitment to giving a client what they want… and that as a stylist, often times one needs to help a client determine that. It’s a tricky business walking that line of “hair advisor.”

Oftentimes Christine and her crew rely on their clients showing them what they want. Social media, magazines, snapped pictures on their phones – today’s world doesn’t depend on yesteryear’s professional images in “hair” books. It’s pretty easy to find that cut or color you want somewhere through today’s media sources.

As we talked, I realized how a level of “trust” exists with one’s hair professional. We count on them for their opinion. We expect them to know how to achieve what it is that we want achieved. Our expectations are anything but minimum. Christine acknowledged the trust-factor but reminded me that only by knowing the client can this trust be met. “A lot depends on knowing the person sitting in my chair. I get a sense of how far they can move when they request a new cut, a change in color. Many times they need some assistance in understanding how far they can venture into these ‘new waters.’ I can provide some guidance, to a point, only if I know them…

Ok, so what is “new?” What is “current?” “Well, anything goes today… and anything can be achieved. Crazy colors, cuts… the “Pixie” cut is on trend. But again, it’s a cut with layers…. Not always as short-short as in the shortest of pixie cuts. But yes, it is short. It’s not for everyone but pieces of it can be adjusted individually. Highlighting is popular, offering dimensional color. And when we speak of color…. there’s so much more that can be done now in 2019.

We could have talked more about the “business,” but I was more interested in learning about the person behind the business. It was, and is, clear that Christine is a strong, determined woman. She started Trends as a single mom, raising two young daughters, then 12 and 9. She sent both to college, and is proud of the independent and accomplished women they have become. One daughter, Vanessa, is a lawyer and the other, Genene, a professional dancer.

As she did in raising her daughters, she endeavors to empower the many young women who come to work with her. Providing unswerving mentorship to most of her staff, Christine sees her business, her salon, as much more than providing excellent service. It’s also become a tool for training, for learning and for caring for the many clients who sit in her “chair” every week.

But what about outside of the salon? What does Christine like to do? “I love to vacation with my husband. Mexico is our go-to destination.” P.S. I thought I noticed a bit of “tan” from her most recent break! Said with a big smile, I believe Christine takes every opportunity possible to sit in the sun and just take a breather from her very busy time at Trends. And from my very short visit, I could see, it’s a breather that she definitely needs.

I enjoyed my time with Christine Wallet. I enjoyed being in a salon where the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. And what could be bad about that big bucket of lollipops?! Trends is a full service salon servicing women, men and children. Need a cut? Color? Nails? A lollipop? Stop by and tell Christine you heard about her between our covers. And remember to say hello to Buster!

Trends Hair Salon
545 York Road, Warminster

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