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Meet Dr. Goldin of Sofia Goldin, D.M.D, Family Dentistry

Meet Dr. Goldin of Sofia Goldin, D.M.D, Family Dentistry

This month I went to spend some time with Dr. Sofia Goldin at her Bustleton Pike office in Feasterville. Dr. Goldin is an unassuming dental professional committed to helping her patients keep their teeth for the long haul. “Nothing works as well as our own teeth,” according to Dr. Goldin.

She comes to her Bustleton dental office after initially training as a nurse. We talked about that training and how it impacted her becoming a dentist. “Nursing was very challenging and fulfilling emotionally, but one could not affect an outcome as if you were a doctor, so I decided to pursue my studies further into medicine,” Dr. Goldin said. And that she did, ultimately narrowing her scope of interest to dentistry where she now specializes in the full scope of family dentistry including cleanings and gum treatments, tooth restorations and root canal procedures, extractions and implant surgery, bridges and dentures, and above all, working hard to save her patients’ teeth.

I wanted to find out if there were some differences between her experiences in her home of origin, Lithuania, and here in America. “We enjoyed much of the same technology and method; however, the materials we work with here are much better than those overseas.

I now have access to the best and most current of dental materials and that can make a big difference in patient treatment and desired outcome.”

As we talked it was evident that Dr. Goldin is far more than just a technician when she cares for her patients. For her, dentistry is a calling. It is a passion, and she thinks it shouldn’t be any other way. “When patients come to my office,” she says, “I always have an in depth ‘sit-down’ with them. We talk about what they want from their dental visit, their expectations and concerns. The chair ‘feels different’ to my patients when they are involved in their own treatment. It becomes a more comfortable place. They can decide how much treatment they want. Additionally, these conversations with patients generally work to calm and alleviate some of the apprehension they may hold. The bottom line is, relationships are built in this office so that dental health can be maintained successfully. I deeply value the trust my patients place in me to do what is best for them.”

Dr. Goldin personally treats all her patients from start to finish. She always starts with a thorough cleaning and considers it time well spent, as she familiarizes herself with every tooth in a patient’s mouth. It gives her valuable information as she further treats her patients helping them to keep their natural teeth for their lifetime. It is a big responsibility, but one to which she is fully committed.

As Dr. Goldin was talking about the individual attention given to every patient, her eyes twinkled. “This is a field that never sleeps,” she says. “There are always new advancements you have to keep up with, including scanning and x-ray equipment, fiber-optics and intraoral cameras, cancer detection and teeth treatment techniques, etc.. I am honored to bring these advancements to my patients. After all, they are entrusting their body to my expertise, to my competence. I am in the business of helping my patients get what they need for their oral health. They all leave my office in better shape than before. When all is said and done, we rely on our teeth to enjoy a delicious meal. An attractive smile impacts our self-worth, regardless our age. Our teeth affect our quality of life and reflect the health of our entire body. It doesn’t matter how old we are… good teeth are essential for living life to the fullest. I aim to help everyone of my patients achieve this satisfaction.”

During our conversation, I was trying to find out any other passions in her life…. passions that might stand alongside her love for dentistry and helping those she serves. “I like to cook and entertain,” Dr. Goldin replied. “It gives me much joy. Gardening is a passion, and recently I’ve found enjoyment in renovating and decorating buildings. I like the idea of working with my hands, as I do in dentistry.” “Life is about balance,” she says, “and finding that balance doing what you like to do gives us pleasure. I really strive to find that balance.”

Sofia Goldin is a special person, a special kind of dental professional. She thrives on working with her patients whom she considers friends… not solely people she is treating. She believes passionately that everyone should have a healthy mouth, and she will apply everything within her power to insure that this goal is achieved for everyone who walks in her door. It’s a commitment she makes to her patients and it’s a commitment she makes to herself. How fortunate for us that this passion and commitment is shared within our greater community!

Sofia Goldin, D.M.D.
227 Bustleton Pike
Feasterville, PA

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