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Meet Aleeza Ben Shalom Marriage Minded Mentor

Meet Aleeza Ben Shalom Marriage Minded Mentor

By Linda Herman

This month’s profile took me somewhere different: to a place where relationships are the primary focus. And not just friendship-relationships, but marriage-relationships… the long term permanent kind that are the foundation of society since biblical times.

Personally, I am plagued by knowing many single people. Older, younger, male, female, all wanting to find that someone special, and, I believe, settle down. But it’s not an easy task making a good introduction. Maybe I’m not thinking properly about what it takes to make a successful introduction. And if I’m not thinking properly, there probably are others just like me.

Maybe you have a granddaughter or son who’s not happy in the “single scene.” Do they need help transitioning from the single scene to the marriage-minded scene? And, you, like me, are looking for someone or some place to turn? Or maybe you, yourself, need help transitioning?

To help with this predicament I approached Aleeza Ben Shalom. I had heard that this dynamo is expert in helping people meet like-minded individuals. A marriage minded mentor, Aleeza is filled with enthusiasm and joy. You can hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes. You can feel the love for what she does through the telephone wires and it puts a smile on your face.

A busy mother of four, ages 9,7,4 and 2 (“almost new”) with another on the way, Aleeza was raised in Bryn Mawr. She attended the University of Pittsburgh and got her degree in interdisciplanary studies. It’s a far cry from the career path she now pursues, helping people get married and stay married.

I had heard that Aleeza was a good resource and would soothe the longing of a mother wanting only the best for her child. She did. And along the way, I learned a bit about being marriage-minded, that, when I was single wanting (or thinking I wanted) to get married, was not necessarily in the forefront of my mind. This conversation is from our meeting.

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