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Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America

Warminster Memorial Day • 30 May 2022

I am honored and humbled to be with you Today as we remember the Sacrifices of our Esteemed Veterans so many years ago. While time moves on, the Memory of their Sacrifice remains with us Today.

The Legacy of these Veterans has been perpetuated over the years by this Tribute that you and their Families continue to nurture and sustain… even Today.

Fifty Years ago, I was in Vietnam as an Advisor to the Vietnamese people and lived with them…slept with them and ate all my meals with them.
Each was appreciative of the sacrifice so many Americans during that War made for them.

Regardless of the War—Korea-World War II-World War I or military operations since then…the legacy of Service to our Nation is the same.

The Veterans of Yesterday can serve as an Inspiration to the Young Men and Women of Today. They can “Pass the Torch” by their example of service and sacrifice. This is a Valuable Legacy that Today’s Event symbolizes by Your presence. You Honor their Memory with the Dignity and Respect you have shown by your attendance Today.

We create Our Own Memories…and can look no further than within our own Families and Communities across this Country.

You and I have a very important responsibility to keep their memory and sacrifice alive for others to Follow. We must ensure that there is No Greater Love than a Man lying down his Life for a Friend.

While many military Awards are given for Courage under fire, the truth is that these Awards were given for love…Love of Country and Love for their “Brothers in Arms”.

Although many Books have been written about Our Country’s History, your act of being here Today is tangible evidence of your patriotism.

IN CLOSING—We must remain vigilant and resolved to never forget the unexpected sacrifice of these Fellow American veterans. We must remember their Family members as well. For 245 years…since 1776, America has been the Envy of all Nations around the Globe. We must maintain Our Heritage in recognizing the strength of Our Diversity and Our National Character!

Thank You and God Bless America!

These remarks were made by Colonel Rick Kiernan as Guest Speaker, Monday, May 30th at 10am in Celebration of Memorial Day. This is The Warminster Memorial Day Proclamation for Memorial Day to be held at the Warminster Township Building.

We are in indebted to Colonel Kiernan for his service to our country.

Thank you, Colonel Kiernan!

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