Many people (mostly younger) tell me that they don’t need health insurance because they never get sick. The only problem with that mindset, is that we are all human, getting older, and don’t get healthier. Insurance provides protection against a possible eventuality. When that eventuality occurs, it could financially ruin you, and your family also. Most people qualify for subsidies to help pay for coverage to make it affordable. Another option are Short-term plans that have a very low cost. They put a cap on max-out-of-pocket costs that will prevent financial ruin. There is no reason to be uninsured. Unfortunately, I hear the horror stories when I cannot convince people to get covered. Thankfully, I hear the stories when I do get someone covered and they are covered when something terrible happened.

I see this also with car insurance. Many people insist on buying car insurance online thinking it is cheap, only to find out later they are grossly underinsured when something happens and it is too late. About 1 in 8 motorists drive around uninsured. Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist coverage covers medical expenses (for you and your passengers) that result from a hit-and-run driver or a driver that is uninsured or underinsured. It does not cover damage to your vehicle. Without these coverages, you could be responsible for all your damages if you were hit by that 1 in 8 person.

Homeowners that have 15/30 and go around thinking they have enough coverage may not. If they cause an accident that sends 1 or 2 people to the hospital, the insurance company only covers the 15K for 2 people and they are then responsible for the rest. They could end up getting sued by their insurance company and either have wages garnished or end up in bankruptcy.

Don’t risk everything you have now and in the future. It is only a few dollars more to increase the coverage to 10 times that amount. THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING YOU CAN EVER DO IS NOT HAVING ENOUGH COVERAGE! If you are buying insurance, we make sure you are properly covered to protect the assets you have. Free quotes and insurance reviews take us a few minutes and can save you from financial ruin.

The Wisest Valentine’s Day gift to give your spouse is Life Insurance, especially, during COVID. Life insurance is not for you; it protects your loved ones and partners. You can now protect yourself by adding a living benefit rider to a term policy. and then the death benefit is available upon a critical illness diagnosis. The best Valentine’s Day present you can give your spouse/significant other is life insurance. Show them how much you love them by protecting them in case something eventually happens. Don’t be a burden to your family. Get FREE quotes from dozens of companies and covered now.

Disability insurance protects your biggest asset. (Your ability to earn a living.) Hint: If employers pay for it, it will be a taxable benefit. So, pay for it yourself to make it a tax-free benefit when you need it.

Turning 65? We can help you navigate the maze of Medicare to maximize your benefits for the least cost. We have helped thousands of seniors and do not charge a fee for our services to you. If you already have Medicare, we review your plan options and educate seniors on ALL their options. We have dedicated health professionals to help with all the drug plans choices. We are the Bucks County Leading Medicare Agency.

Our Motto: We will do the right thing for you to protect you. If you can crash it, burn it, break it, earn it, we can insure it! We Shop it, You Save! Get it done right the first time with an expert and save.

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