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Do you have or know a kid who loves Legos?
Do YOU love Legos? I do, sort of. My son and grandson are real lovers of those little bricks and my granddaughter is sort of being “dragged” into the endeavor. My grandson, Yosi, is especially pulled to doing his own creations. You give him a box of indiscriminate pieces and he creates something really wonderful. (So says the unbiased Bubbie/Grandmother!) And when I hang with Goldie and Yosi during their “creating” period, I’m chief “search and find” officer. We sit on the floor, I wear my glasses and look for pieces of interest. Hey, my job is VERY important in the scheme of things. LOL!

Well, I discovered Lego heaven in Chalfont. Apparently, this creative side of Legos, doing your own thing without a kit and instructions, is on trend. Kids of all ages, that means adults, too, are designing their own Lego masterpieces and they need pieces of everything to construct whatever they’re constructing.

Bucks County Brick Shop in Chalfont is a mecca of these “pieces.” You can purchase them by the container-full, bag-full or otherwise. Buy a container and you’ll find a myriad of pieces every builder needs. And you can find them in all colors, even pink if your little granddaughter, like mine, wants her tree house to be pink!! They also have the platforms needed to build upon… in ALL sizes, big, bigger and small. AND, you can even search through a display case to pick out those special pieces that are rare finds. Trust me, if it’s Legos, this place has it.

Of course, they have some of the usual kits and sets in boxes. They’ve got stuff for boys and girls. I bought Goldie a bag of “DOTS.” She can make a picture frame with these. And yes, it’s all those girl colors that she likes!

Trust me, if you’re a fan of Legos, this IS a place to check out. Located in the New Britain Village Shopping Center, parking is convenient and the staff inside is very helpful. During my visit, they were busy with kids picking through the special display cases looking for those select Lego pieces I mentioned. It’s an amazing sight. And it might help you with your Christmas or Chanukkah gift list.

What a beautiful shop! Bambini’s World in The Shops of Valley Square, Warrington, is a children’s boutique filled with lovely fashion for the youngest of fashion trendsetters among us…. girls and boys. You’ll find baby and toddler gifts, communion and christening attire and almost anything you would need for your favorite little person.

I found a really neat tous tous for my budding ballerina, Goldie. Multi-colored organza, tastefully decorated, when I gave it to her she said, “Bubbie, you know I can’t wear this to school. “Goldie,” I said, “this is something for dancing. Bubbie knows it’s not for school!” Kids, they do say the darndest things!!!

Bambini’s World has an unbelievable inventory of onesies for newborn and older. Suri is 4 months old, that’s Yosi’s and Goldie’s sister, and is already the belle of the ball! I picked out some onesies that close with magnets. Imagine how much easier it is to close up the onesie with long legs and long sleeves with magnets?! My daughter-in-law loved the idea.

Bambini’s World is not new. It’s understandable that it has a pretty loyal following. An extensive selection of all things baby and toddler, unique pieces for those special occasions, it’s the kind of shop that is far and few in between in today’s marketplace. It was pure happenstance that I discovered it. So if you’re in need of a baby gift, or that special holiday outfit, or if you’re looking for babywear for your extraordinary baby, check out Bambini’s World. It’s like a breath of fresh air… with that baby smell!!!

Johnny G’s on Second Street Pike in Southampton has the crunchiest pizza! Baked in an air deck pizza oven, the bottom crust of every pizza is crisp and delectable. I stopped in for a brief business meeting and Mandy, the owner, offered me a piece of pizza while I was waiting. I sure gobbled it down quickly! I’m not a fan of pizza with a thick, chewy crust and this plain cheese pizza really hit my fancy. The cheese on the top was “melty” and the bottom crust was perfectly baked to a crisp. It was delicious and a real treat.

Of course, there are other things going on at Johnny G’s. They cook their own pulled beef and pork. And their turkey for their Thanksgiving Sandwich is fresh and yummy ANYTIME of the year.
P.S. Johnny G’s pulled pork has garnered quite the “delicious” reputation in the area. It’s prepared on site, and not processed. Stop in Wednesday through Sunday. You’ll be sure to make a touchdown feeding your football crowd.

And how lucky is our area to have its own radio station? Did you know that Hatboro, on York Road, houses WRDV-FM & WLBS-FM, a volunteer operated professional station. Turn your FM dial. and you can listen to the classics that will calm your soul. Jazz, show tunes and more, you might find yourself travelling to a time with fond memories.

The Uptight Suburbanite/Carrier Pigeon has become a sponsor recently, and we stopped in for their November Open House. The place was jumping! I was a bit surprised. But how wonderful to see the extended community support their efforts. Remember it’s WRDV-FM and WLBS-FM. If you live within our circulation area, this could become your go-to station for quality entertainment and wonderful music. Enjoy!!

Whew! That’s it for now. Wishing you fun checking out these finds. We’ve already got some new visits scheduled for January, so stay tuned. Until January…

Bucks County Brick Shop
New Britain Village Shopping Ctr.
4275 County Line

Bambini’s World
Valley Square Shopping Ctr.
1576 Main Street

Johnny G’s Famous Pizza & Tomato Pies
808 Second Street Pike

WRDV-FM 89.3/ Warminster-Hatboro
107.3/ Philadelphia
97.1/ Bensalem
WLBS-FM 91.7/ Bristol-Levittown
Studio Line: 215-674-8002

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