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Recent travels have taken me all over the place. As a working lady and busy “Bubbie,” I get to see and visit places I might not do so otherwise. It’s fun and definitely broadens my knowledge of what’s happening in our greater area.

There’s a fun place in Warrington Crossing Shopping Center on Easton Road. It’s called The Game is Afoot Arcade. OMG! Just pay a flat rate based on play time and let your kids go loose in a multi-room arcade for hours, if they want. I took Goldie and Yosi the first time, and it’s become a requested pit stop on every visit to Bubbie since! At $4 for every 15 minutes, this game mecca is affordable, safe and fun.

They’ve got the most recent arcade games available along with those we/I grew up with…. You remember the pinball games? I couldn’t get my grandkids interested in those. They were full blown enamored with the car games, etc. This is a terrific place for kids and adults. I noticed a few adults visiting all by themselves. I guess the fun is contagious!! Think about this place for a birthday party or celebration. Just being able to roam freely and play at your leisure, is well worth the most affordable fee. And parking is VERY convenient.

If you’ve gone bowling in recent years, you might notice that the newer establishments are big and noisy. Pike Lanes on Second Street Pike in Southampton is not big and noisy. Oh, sure, you definitely hear the sounds of bowlers, etc., but Pike Lanes is still the bowler-friendly facility it was years ago. I used to take our son, Gabe and his friends to this bowling alley and it really hasn’t changed much. It’s definitely easy to enjoy and not upstaged by a lot of high tech bells and whistle technology. What a relief!

If you go with kids, as I did with Goldie and Yosi, you can request bumpers on your lanes. I think they helped me a bit, too!!! I found the intimacy of the smaller facility comforting and supportive of the whole experience I was looking for.

Pike Lanes has been around our area for ages, They have leagues and parties, and it’s a real community spot for bowling. And the staff is very helpful and kind. Going with kids you sometimes need “special attention.” I’m sure you know what I mean… the staff was everything we needed when assistance was required. And they did it with a smile!!

Check out Pike Lanes. They can accommodate any group, big or small. And they will make your bowling experience something good, whether you’re a novice or a pro.

You’ve probably seen these stores as you drive through Bucks and Montgomery county: Mr. Wish. They seem to be popping up everywhere. I stopped by the one located in Warminster at the York Road Shopping Center. Let’s see, what should I call it? A “drink” store? It’s definitely a store where you get all kinds of green-tea based drinks… and perhaps a little more. They call themselves a Bubble Tea Shop. I ordered a Fruit Tea with Mango. You can see I didn’t experiment with any of the more exotic drinks with milk or chia seeds. Mine was cold, filled with diced fruit and quite refreshing. I would definitely order it again.

They do smoothies, green-tea with fruit purees, sparkling water with fruit puree. You pick the fruit, they’ll puree it and give the whole thing a whirl… and something quite delicious is presented to you. And now that the weather is colder, they’re offering hot drinks to ward off the winter chill.

Mr. Wish is fun AND tasty. Venture in and check out the menu, and ask the staff for their recommendation. The drinks may seem a little “weird” at first, but take some time to digest how they describe their “bubble tea.” You’ll realize how delicious this drink can be!!

I have wanted to check out honeygrow for ages. They, too, have started to pop up in and about our area. I visited the restaurant on York Road in Willow Grove. Open, light filled, you can dine-in or take out. I went with a cousin who was already familiar with them. It’s one of these restaurants with a “bowl” menu. You can order a stir-fry or salad, all prepared and served in a bowl. There are specific “bowls” you can order OR you can “design” your own recipe and put together your own favorite ingredients including veggies, proteins, pasta, etc.

Leslie, my cousin, created his own bowl including shrimp, veggies of his own choice and whole wheat noodles. There are a variety of sauces available. He chose sweet soy. He thoroughly enjoyed his dish and finished the WHOLE thing. I got a Classic Caesar Salad with chicken. Loaded with fresh chicken and crisp romaine, I also really enjoyed my dish. The portion was satisfying and well worth the price. We also ordered a kid’s dish just to see what they offered. We ordered the Garlic Butter and Parm bowl. Definitely a keeper AND the portion would certainly satisfy an adult. We liked it.

Leslie shared that the honeygrow he goes to has a grill staff that actually sings while they’re prepping the meals!!! Our staff didn’t sing, but we had a very accommodating manager who helped us through the ordering process. I was a bit flummoxed because you order on a screen, like at WAWA… I preferred to place my order with a person. Leslie had some problems with the screen…what can I say? We’re technologically impaired!!!! I admit it!!! Regardless, the staff was very helpful.

If you’re looking for a casual meal with fresh ingredients and a fun presentation, check out honeygrow. I think you might like it.

That’s about it for more. The grandkids are visiting this weekend again. I’m sure they’ll be taking me to some new places I have yet to uncover!!!! Stay tuned for that report in the December issue!!

York Road Shopping Center
888 W. Street Road
Warminster, PA 18974

Warrington Crossing
114 Easton Road
Warrington, PA 18972

121 2nd Street Pike
Southampton, PA 18966

151 N. York Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090

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