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In the Spring and Summer we have nice weather, lots of daylight, and vivid colors everywhere. However, just because we have the conditions for photography doesn’t mean we’re always going to have ideas. I often find that whenever I have a beautiful day and plenty of

It’s summer, and I‘m ready for fresh fruit and veggies, and even for some comfy food for this “comfy” season. My daughter-in-law is a real fan of the Watermelon-Basil Salad. Don’t think there’s anything more “Summer” than watermelon!! And my grandkids love making the Yogurt

What a fun time! Once again, I joined my friends Diane and Roland, and visited Chambers 19 in Doylestown. I had been there years ago with Allen, so when they suggested a re-visit, I jumped at the opportunity. Our evening started with drinks at the bar. I

As my youngest son was growing up he dreamed of three things… a driver’s license, a girlfriend and an old Ford Mustang. As he approached his sixteenth birthday we began looking on eBay for an old Mustang. It was a great father and son activity. (The


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