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Medicare Update for 2022 from Your Neighbors at Insurance Shops The Annual Report of the Federal Supplementary Insurance Trust Funds predicts premiums and cost sharing variables like deductibles, copays, and maximum out of pockets, was published August 31st, 2021.They predict 2022 Part B premium and deductibles

I love pasta…. Any kind of pasta. So, when I learned that October 25 is World Pasta Day, I thought I could celebrate for the WHOLE month!!! Pasta for 31 days, every day in October! WOW!! Below are some tasty recipes to make your celebration

When it comes to color photography, living in the Northeast has a major advantage. We get that classic stunning fall foliage. The vibrant warm colors of the changing leaves work so well with the farms, rivers, waterfalls, and covered bridges we have in our area. There’s

Insurance Shops Insurance Tidbits – Help Is Available Important Insurance Dates: • Medicare Open Enrollment starts October 15 • PENNIE Open Enrollment starts November 1 Did you know? • 50% of consumers do not understand key health insurance concepts. • 72% of consumers say purchasing or using health insurance is confusing. • 37%

Summer may be over but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some final taste of the season's fruits and vegetables. This month we share what we think makes the most of Summer's finest. Remember the corn can be frozen for use in stews, cornbread or

I grew up in a very different America. Very few groups did much together. White people lived apart from Black people. They frequented different theaters, restaurants, sports activities and read different books and newspapers. The White community, while far more integrated, often found Jews, Irish,


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