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Things sure are CRAAAZZY here in our office. Fortunately, it’s a good kind of crazy. Our pages are bursting with advertisers, old’ish and new’ish… all eager to provide services and product to make things easier for you in and out of the home. And boy,

Getting ready for entertaining? Graduations? Father’s Day? Maybe looking forward to those outdoor picnics with family and friends? We’ve got you covered. Easy to prepare and so pretty to serve, your tastebuds will love you for these treats (especially the Carmelized Cashews). TORTELLINI SALAD 16 oz frozen

Dear Dr Q, I am a 35-year-old woman. Recently I have experienced a severe acne breakout on my face. I always had oily skin with visible pores, but it has unfortunately worsened. I get nodules and soon they become angry looking pustules. When they dry up,

FREE NEIGHBORHOOD INSURANCE RESOURCE Folks, you have a great FREE resource right in your back yard at the Insurance Shops. Support your neighbors and see how much you can save while getting better coverage for everything. If you want health insurance, or want to change your plan,


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