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When you walk into Trends Hair Salon on York Road in Warminster, you’re immediately caught by the warm and cozy nature of this very busy beauty spot. At first glance you see an inviting bucket of lollipops. Then you’re gently greeted by “Buster,” owner Christine Wallet’s long-hair chihuahua. More importantly you notice one of the

I love the morning papers, but reading them has become more and more upsetting. Same for listening to cable news. No longer can I sit down with juice, a hot cup of coffee and a bagel and just relax and read the morning news or watch cable stations. I have learned that some Presidential hopefuls want

Sure, it’s March, not quite Spring, but almost… we’re still hankering for some of those body warming dishes that cold weather demand. This month we offer some classics that, if you don’t already include them in your everyday recipe file… well, check them out and see just how easy they are to prepare. The Marinara

Here we are again, the start of another Spring Market. I’m happy to report that it is going much better than last year! Thank God for that!! More houses are coming on the market, so Buyers' demand seems to be getting satisfied a little quicker than the last year. It’s not great, but it’s definitely an

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep By Rick Kiernan Tattoos are not what they used to be. So commonplace now, both young and old are sporting this artistic jewelry. Coming soon to Philadelphia, is the 21st Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. To mark this gathering, Rick Kiernan offers us a quick commentary on the whys

You can tell it’s cold and blustery…. Just check out the recipes below and see they’re meant to warm the body and the soul. Comfort food prevails!! From mac and cheese to a bone warming stew, we’ve got you covered. And dessert, well, we do our job there, too. Easy to make and delicious, too,

We have many doctors in our family. My son, Linda’s brother, several nephews and one niece are all involved in the medical profession. When “ObamaCare” was first discussed many of them voiced their strong concerns. While they realized that there were many people who needed coverage, they worried about the costs. They seemed to feel


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